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Moh Bhang Piya Sargam Notes

Ekk rang mein rangnaa thaa


Tujhee mujhe rehnaa thaa


Thaa ankaha woo waada


Teraa ye kaisa saa mohhbhang piyaa


Abhii thi raazi mein abhi dang piya


Naa waps jaaunaa


Kaari kaarin akheein haari

मे–रे—मे—प—प– ध–रें—सां—नि–ध—नि–

Mann pee hi pathhar had bhaari

मे–रे—मे—प—प– ध–रें—सां—नि–

Tunnee toda yee bharam


Sang sang chalee thee hum


Tha kyaa teraa iraada


Teraa yee kaisa annotha dhang piyaan


Kyun tunnee toda pyaar kaa meree mridang piyaa


Teraa ye kaisa saa mohhbhang piyaa


Abhi thi raazi mein abhi dangg piya


About Song :-

Moh Bhang Piya from TVF Aspirants: A Song of Heartbreak and Resilience
Song: Moh Bhang Piya
Web Series: TVF Aspirants
Platform: YouTube
Language: Hindi
Singer: Parul Mishra (male version) and Shweta Roy (female version)
Lyricist: Sameer Sharma


Heartbreak and betrayal
Letting go of love
Finding strength and independence
Moving on after loss
The struggles of UPSC aspirants

The lyrics of Moh Bhang Piya express the pain and anger of a scorned lover. The repetitive phrase “moh bhang piya” translates to “break my love, beloved,” highlighting the desire to free oneself from the grip of a broken relationship. The song also touches upon the challenges faced by UPSC aspirants, with lines like “de mauka zindagi, de mauka khuda, UPSC ke phad mein reh gaya hun main chura” (give me a chance, life, give me a chance, God, I’m stuck in the UPSC’s trap).


The music of Moh Bhang Piya is melancholic yet powerful. The song starts with a melancholic acoustic guitar, but gradually builds up with drums and other instruments, reflecting the transition from heartbreak to determination. Parul Mishra and Shweta Roy’s vocals add depth and emotion to the song, capturing the raw pain and the growing resolve.


Moh Bhang Piya has become a popular song among fans of TVF Aspirants and Hindi music in general. Both the male and female versions have garnered millions of views on YouTube and have been featured on various music streaming platforms. The song resonates with listeners who have experienced heartbreak and are trying to find their way back to themselves.

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