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Aashiyan Piano Notes | Barfi

Aashiyan Piano Notes

Notes :- 

Itti si hansi
F4 G4 F4 D5 D5

Itti si khushi
F4 G4 F4 D5 D5

Itta sa tukda chand ka
F4 G4 F4 D5 D5 A4# G4 F4 D4#

Khwabon ke, tinkon se
D4# D4 F4, G4 F4 D4# G4

Chal banayein aashiyan
A4 G4 F4 F4 F4 A4 G4 A4 A4#

Dabe dabe paaon se
D5 D5 D5 D5 D5 C5 D5#

Aaye haule haule zindagi
D5# D5 C5 C5 C5 C5 C5 F5 D5

Hothon pe ungli chadha ke
A4# A4 G4 D4# G4 G4 G4 G4

Hum taale laga ke
A4 G4 F4 A4 A4 A4 A4

Chal gumsum tarane chupke chupke gaayein
F4 A4 A4 A4# C5 F5 D5 D5# D5 C5 A4# C5

Aadhi aadhi baant lein
D5 D5 D5 D5 D5 C5 D5#

Aaja dil ki yeh zameen
D5# D5 C5 C5 C5 F5 D5

Thoda sa tera sa hoga
A4# A4 G4 D4# G4 G4 G4 G4

Thoda mera bhi hoga
A4 G4 F4 A4 A4 A4 A4

Apna yeh aashiyaan
A4 A4 A4 A4 C5 A4 A4# A4 G4

About Song :-

“Aashiyan” is a beautiful and soulful Hindi song from the 2012 Bollywood film “Barfi!” The film was directed by Anurag Basu and featured Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, and Ileana D’Cruz in lead roles. The song “Aashiyan” is known for its heartwarming melody and meaningful lyrics. Here is more information about the song:

Composition and Music: “Aashiyan” was composed by Pritam Chakraborty, a well-known music director in the Indian film industry. The song’s music is soothing and captures the essence of the film’s theme.

Lyrics: The lyrics for “Aashiyan” were penned by Swanand Kirkire, a talented lyricist in Bollywood. The lyrics beautifully convey a sense of hope, joy, and the simple pleasures of life.

Singers: The song was sung by Nikhil Paul George and Shreya Ghoshal. Their voices added depth and emotion to the song.

Context in the Film: “Aashiyan” is a heartwarming and optimistic song that is picturized on the lead characters, Barfi (played by Ranbir Kapoor) and Jhilmil (played by Priyanka Chopra). The song showcases their unique and innocent bond as they explore their world, which is filled with moments of happiness and understanding despite their respective challenges.

Reception: “Aashiyan” received widespread acclaim from both critics and the audience. Its melodious tune, meaningful lyrics, and the chemistry between Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra were praised. The song became a favorite among fans and is often remembered as one of the highlights of the film’s soundtrack.

“Aashiyan” is not only a beautiful song but also an integral part of the “Barfi!” soundtrack, contributing to the film’s emotional depth and portrayal of the unique and heartwarming relationship between the lead characters. The film and its music continue to be appreciated by audiences and are considered one of the memorable works in contemporary Bollywood cinema.

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