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Gul Sargam Notes

Naa dastakeein

सा– प–प-प–

Yeh teree dil ki haan wahi dhadkanee hain

प–प–ग–रे–ग—सा–ऩि–सा– प–म-म–ग–

Yoon zoor see jo tujhkoo ab sun rahin hain

प–प–म–रे–ग—सा-सा-ऩि–सा– ग-ग-ग-ग–रे–

Sun lee zaraa yeeh tujhse kyaa keeh rahin hai

ग-म-म–ग-सा–रे—सा-सा-ऩि–सा– ग-ग-ग-ग–रे–

Ayee nahi


jinkee thee waadein waqt uljhaa huaa hai


Teree yahan pee kyaa woh kal thee yahaa

प–प–म–रे–ग—सा–ऩि–सा– सा–ऩि-ऩि–

Yaan haftoon pehlay ki yeeh hain dastaan

सा–सा–ऩि–ऩि–सा–रे–ग–सा– सा–ऩि-ऩि–प़–

Ayee naa teeri yaad unkoo

सा–ऩि–सा– रे–ग—सा–ऩि–रे–रे–

Ayee naa teri yaad unko

सा–ऩि–सा– रे–ग—सा–ऩि–रे–रे–


Tootayy makan


Ik baar gir kar waisee bantee kahaan hai


Jaisee thee tune apnee dil see banaye


O karigar yoon hathon see thee sajaaye

म–म–ग–सा–रे—सा-सा-ऩि–सा– ग–ग-ग–रे–

Ayee naa teeri yaad unkoo

सा–ऩि–सा– रे–ग—सा–ऩि–रे–रे–

Ayee naa teeri yaad unko

सा–ऩि–सा– रे–ग—सा–ऩि–रे–रे–

About Song :-

Gul, sung by Anuv Jain, is a poignant and melancholic ballad that explores themes of loss, longing, and the bittersweet nature of memories. Released in 2019, the song quickly became a fan favorite, resonating with listeners through its raw emotions and relatable lyrics.

Lyrical Themes:

Loss and Remembrance: The song’s central motif revolves around the singer’s deep grief over a lost relationship. They reminisce about cherished moments spent with their beloved, using vivid imagery like “aam ki chhaon mein baith ke” (sitting under the shade of a mango tree) and “baalon mein teri khushboo” (your fragrance in my hair).
Wistful Longing: Despite the pain of loss, the singer clings to memories, hoping for a reunion. Lines like “kabhi toh phir laut aana, mere dil ko behlaana” (come back someday, soothe my heart) and “gul ki khushboo mein khoya hu main” (I am lost in the fragrance of the rose) reveal their yearning for a chance to relive the past.
Time and Change: The lyrics acknowledge the inevitable passage of time and the changes it brings. Lines like “yaadon ke saaye bhi dhundhle, ab woh manzar nahi milta” (I search for the shadows of memories, but that scene is no longer found) reflect the singer’s struggle to reconcile the past with the present.
Musical Style:

Simple and Delicate Melody: The song features a minimalistic melody dominated by Anuv Jain’s soft and melancholic vocals. The acoustic guitar accompaniment adds a touch of rawness and intimacy.
Haunting Chorus: The repetitive chorus, “Gul, khil ja, tere bina main adhura” (Rose, bloom, I am incomplete without you), emphasizes the singer’s emotional dependence on the lost love.
Emotional Progression: The song builds gradually, starting with a sense of quiet sadness and culminating in a climax of longing and desperation.
Impact and Legacy:

Critical Acclaim: Gul received widespread appreciation for its poignant lyrics, relatable themes, and Anuv Jain’s emotive performance. It established him as a rising star in the Indian indie music scene.
Fan Following: The song continues to resonate with listeners, garnering millions of views on YouTube and becoming a staple in Anuv Jain’s live performances.
Emotional Connection: Gul’s ability to tap into universal emotions of loss and longing has made it a powerful and enduring song that connects with listeners on a personal level.
In conclusion, Gul by Anuv Jain is a deeply moving song that captures the pain of loss and the bittersweet beauty of memories. Its simple yet evocative lyrics, melancholic melody, and passionate vocals have resonated with countless listeners, making it a timeless classic in the Indian indie music scene.

I hope this information is helpful! Please let me know if you have any other questions about Gul or Anuv Jain.

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