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Ik Tu Hai Sargam Notes

Teree bin iss dil nee mar janaa

ग-प-प-प-ध-सां-सां— सां–नि–ध–प–प–ध–ध–प—

Itminan hain mujhe teere saath


Itminaan hain mujhee teree saath


Kyaa karu duniyaa ke lafzo kaa

ग-प-ग-प-ध-सां-सां— सां–नि–ध–प–प–ध–ध–प—

Itminan dee mujhe teeri baat


Itminan dee mujhee teri baat


Teeri baat


Ik tuu hai bus tu hain mujhmee

सां-सां-पं—गं— सां-सां-पं—गं— रें-गं-मं—

Abh main hoon kahan


Ik tuu hai bus tu hain mujhmee

सां-सां-पं—गं— सां-सां-पं—गं— रें-गं-मं—

Abh mai ho kahaan


Tu mujhmee reh gayaa hai mujhmein

सां–पं—गं— सां–सां–पं—गं— रें-गं-मं—

Ab main ho kahaan


About Song :-

Ik Tu Hai is a romantic ballad from the 2022 Indian action thriller film Attack: Part 1. The song was a major hit, topping charts and becoming one of the most popular songs of the year.

Theme and meaning:

The song expresses the deep love and longing between two people who are separated by circumstances. The lyrics talk about how one person feels incomplete without the other and how their love transcends physical distance.

Music and reception:

The song is known for its beautiful melody and Jubin Nautiyal’s soulful vocals.
The music video, featuring John Abraham and Jacqueline Fernandez, was also praised for its visuals and chemistry between the lead actors.
Ik Tu Hai received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, and it remains a popular choice for romantic playlists and weddings.
Here are some additional interesting facts about the song:

The song was originally composed by Shashwat Sachdev for his own album, but it was later picked up by the makers of Attack: Part 1.
The lyrics were written by Kumaar, who is known for his work in several Bollywood films.
The music video was shot in various locations in India, including Mumbai and Ladakh.

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