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Socho Ke Jheelon ka Piano Notes | Mission Kashmir

Socho Ke Jheelon ka Piano Notes

Notes :- 

Ho Ho Hooooo, Ho Ho Hooooo (x2)
A4# A4 G4 F4 C5, A4# A4 G4 F4 C5

Tune (x2)
C4 F4 F4 G4 C5, C4 F4 F4 D4 C4

Socho ke jheelon ka shehar ho
F4 G4 A4 A4# A4 G4 F4 G4 A4

Lehro pe apna ek ghar ho
F4 G4 A4 A4# A4 G4 F4 F4 G4 D4

Hum jo dekhein, sapne pyaare
G4 A4 A4# C5, G4 A4 A4# C5

Sach ho saare
G4 A4 A4# D5 C5

Bas aur kya
G4 C5 A4# A4 A4# A4 G4 A4 G4 F4

About Song :-

“Socho Ke Jheelon Ka” is a Hindi song from the 2000 Bollywood film “Mission Kashmir.” The film was directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra and featured Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Dutt, and Preity Zinta in prominent roles. The song “Socho Ke Jheelon Ka” is known for its melodious composition and emotional depth. Here is more information about the song:

Composition and Music: “Socho Ke Jheelon Ka” was composed by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, a popular music trio in the Indian film industry known for their versatile and innovative compositions. The song’s music is soulful and captures the essence of the film’s theme.

Lyrics: The lyrics for “Socho Ke Jheelon Ka” were penned by Sameer, a prolific lyricist in Bollywood. The lyrics beautifully convey the emotions of love, loss, and the pain of separation.

Singers: The song was sung by Udit Narayan and Hariharan, two renowned playback singers known for their soulful voices. Their combined rendition added depth and emotion to the song.

Context in the Film: “Socho Ke Jheelon Ka” is a poignant and emotional song that is featured in the film during a crucial and heartbreaking sequence. It reflects the pain and anguish of the characters as they confront the harsh realities of their lives.

Reception: The song “Socho Ke Jheelon Ka” received positive feedback from both critics and the audience. Its melodious tune, meaningful lyrics, and the heartfelt rendition by Udit Narayan and Hariharan contributed to its popularity. The song remains a memorable part of the “Mission Kashmir” soundtrack.

“Socho Ke Jheelon Ka” is not only a beautiful song but also an integral part of the “Mission Kashmir” soundtrack, contributing to the film’s emotional depth and portrayal of the characters’ struggles and emotions. The film and its music continue to be appreciated by fans of Bollywood cinema.

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