Tere Liye Piano Notes | Veer-Zaara

Tere Liye Piano Notes

Notes :- 

Tere liye, hum hain jiye
B4 D5 C5 B4 B4 B4 B4, C5 B4 A4 A4 A4 A4

Hothon ko siye
B4 A4 A4 G4 G4 G4 F4# E4 F4# G4

Tere liye, hum hain jiye
B4 D5 C5 B4 B4 B4 B4, C5 B4 A4 A4 A4 A4

Har aasoon piye
B4 A4 A4 G4 G4 G4 F4# E4 F4# G4

Dil mein magar, jalte rahe
F4# F4# E4 D4 E4, G4 F4# E4 D4 E4

Chaahat ke diye
E4 F4# G4 A4 B4 C5 D5 E5 F5#

Tere liye, tere liye
G5 F5# D5 E5, B4 C5 A4 B4

About Song :-

“Tere Liye” is a popular Hindi song from the 2004 Bollywood film “Veer-Zaara.” The film was directed by Yash Chopra and featured Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta in the lead roles. The song “Tere Liye” is a beautiful romantic ballad that became a significant part of the movie’s soundtrack.

Here is some information about the song “Tere Liye” from “Veer-Zaara”:

Music Composer: The music for “Tere Liye” was composed by the renowned duo of Lata Mangeshkar and Madan Mohan. Madan Mohan’s compositions have always been celebrated for their timeless melodies.

Lyricist: The lyrics for the song were written by Javed Akhtar, a prominent lyricist in the Indian film industry known for his poetic and meaningful lyrics.

Singers: “Tere Liye” was beautifully sung by the legendary playback singers Lata Mangeshkar and Roop Kumar Rathod. Lata Mangeshkar’s voice added a classic and emotive touch to the song.

Theme: “Tere Liye” is a romantic ballad that expresses the depth of love and the willingness to sacrifice everything for the sake of that love. The song captures the essence of the intense and enduring love story between the two main characters in the film, Veer and Zaara.

Film Context: In the movie “Veer-Zaara,” “Tere Liye” is pictured in various sequences that depict the blossoming love between Veer and Zaara, as well as the challenges they face due to societal and cultural differences. The song plays a crucial role in conveying the emotional depth of their love story.

Legacy: “Tere Liye” remains one of the most beloved and iconic songs in Bollywood. Its timeless melody, soul-stirring lyrics, and the legendary voices of Lata Mangeshkar and Roop Kumar Rathod have made it a classic in Indian film music.

The song “Tere Liye” from “Veer-Zaara” continues to be cherished by fans and is often remembered as one of the highlights of the film and its soundtrack. It has left a lasting impact on the history of Bollywood music and is a testament to the enduring power of love in storytelling.

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