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The Sound of Silence Piano Notes | Simon and Garfunkel

The Sound of Silence Piano Notes

Notes :- 

Hello darkness my old friend
D4 D4 F4 F4 A4 A4 G4

I’ve come to talk with you again
C4 C4 E4 E4 G4 G4 F4

Because a vision softly creeping
F4 F4 A4 A4 C5 C5 D5 D5 C5

Left its seeds while I was sleeping
F4 F4 A4 A4 C5 C5 D5 D5 C5

And the vision that was planted in my brain
F4 D5 D5 E5 F5 F5 E5 D5 C5

Still remains
D5 C5 A4

Within the sound of silence
F4 C5 C5 E4 F4 D4

About Song :-

“The Sound of Silence” is a famous song by the American music duo Simon & Garfunkel. It was written by Paul Simon and initially released in 1964 on their debut studio album, “Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.” The song became one of their most iconic and enduring hits. Here is some information about “The Sound of Silence”:

Artists: “The Sound of Silence” was performed by Simon & Garfunkel, a folk rock duo consisting of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. Their harmonious vocals and thoughtful lyrics were distinctive features of their music.

Composition: The song features a blend of folk and rock elements and is characterized by its haunting melody and introspective lyrics. Paul Simon wrote the song during a period of personal reflection and creativity.

Release History: “The Sound of Silence” was initially released on the album “Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.” in 1964. The original version of the song was acoustic. However, it gained widespread popularity after being re-released with electric instrumentation in 1965.

Success: The re-released version of “The Sound of Silence” became a massive hit, topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States. It propelled Simon & Garfunkel to fame and cemented their place in music history. The song’s success led to a series of further hit singles and albums for the duo.

Lyrics: The lyrics of “The Sound of Silence” are introspective and thought-provoking, touching on themes of isolation, communication, and the human condition. The phrase “Hello darkness, my old friend” is one of the most famous lines in the song and has become iconic in its own right.

Legacy: “The Sound of Silence” remains one of Simon & Garfunkel’s signature songs and is regarded as a classic of American folk rock music. It has been covered by numerous artists and has been featured in various films, television shows, and commercials over the years.

Cultural Impact: The song’s enduring popularity and relevance have made it a symbol of the 1960s folk rock movement and an anthem for a generation. It continues to be celebrated for its timeless message and musical artistry.

Overall, “The Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel is a timeless and influential song that has left a significant mark on the world of music. Its evocative lyrics and haunting melody have resonated with listeners for decades, making it an enduring classic.

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