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Zindagi Ki Yahi Reet Hai Piano Notes | Mr. India

Zindagi Ki Yahi Reet Hai Piano Notes

Notes :- 

Zindagi ki yahi reet hai
F4 G4 A4 C5 D5 C5 A4 G4 F4 G4

Haar ke baad hi jeet hai
C4 D4 E4 E4 F4 A4 G4 F4 F4

Thode aansoon hai, thodi hansi
F5 E5 D5 D5 E5 D5, A4# C5 D5 C5

Aaj gum hai to kal hai khushi
C5 C5 C5 D5 C5 A4# A4 G4 F4 G4 A4# A4 G4

About Song :-

“Zindagi Ki Yahi Reet Hai” is a popular Hindi song from the 1987 Bollywood film “Mr. India.” The film was directed by Shekhar Kapur and starred Anil Kapoor as the titular character Mr. India and Sridevi as Seema. The song is known for its catchy tune and inspiring lyrics.

Here is some information about the song “Zindagi Ki Yahi Reet Hai” from “Mr. India”:

Music Composer: The music for the song was composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal, a prominent music duo in the Indian film industry known for their numerous hit songs.

Lyricist: The lyrics for “Zindagi Ki Yahi Reet Hai” were penned by Javed Akhtar, a renowned lyricist known for his meaningful and poetic lyrics.

Singers: The song was sung by Kishore Kumar, one of the most iconic playback singers in the history of Indian cinema. Kishore Kumar’s energetic and soulful rendition added to the song’s charm.

Theme: “Zindagi Ki Yahi Reet Hai” is a motivational and uplifting song that conveys the message that life has its ups and downs, but one should continue to move forward with determination and optimism. The song encourages a positive outlook on life.

Film Context: In “Mr. India,” the song is featured during a pivotal moment in the film when the protagonist, Mr. India, inspires a group of orphaned children by singing this song. It becomes an anthem of hope and resilience in the movie.

Legacy: “Zindagi Ki Yahi Reet Hai” has remained a beloved and iconic song in Bollywood. Its catchy tune and inspirational lyrics have made it a timeless classic that continues to resonate with audiences.

The song “Zindagi Ki Yahi Reet Hai” from “Mr. India” is not only known for its musical appeal but also for its motivational message. It has become a symbol of hope and determination in Indian cinema and is often remembered as one of the highlights of the film’s soundtrack.

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