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Alag Aasmaan Sargam Notes

Nayi nahi hain yee bateein wahi

प़–ग–रे–रे–सा– सा–सा–म—ध़–ध़–

Phir iss modh parr hum mileein hain


Naa janee ab milengee hum kabhii


To ruk jaao ekk pal yahan pee


Yee narm chadaron kii silvatein


Tujhee abhi bulaa rahin hain

प़–ग— रे–ग–रे–रे–सा–ग–रे—

Naa jaao duur insein yee kaheein


Yee sukoon kahan pee hain hasil

प़–ग– रे–ग–रे—सा–ग–रे—

Dil koo meere yee hai pata

रे–ग–रे–ग–रे–सा–ध़– ध़–ध़—प़–प़–

Kee milon kaa yee faasla hai


Alag aasmaan bhi hain to kyaa

सा-सा–रे–ग–म—ग–ग– रे–रे-सा-ऩि-

Yee dil naa manay


About Song :-

Alag Aasmaan by Anuv Jain: A Song of Longing and Hope
Released: July 31, 2020
Genre: Hindi Pop, Indie Pop
Language: Hindi
Singer-songwriter: Anuv Jain
Producer: Angad Singh Bahra
Album: Alag Aasmaan


Long-distance relationship
Separation and longing
Hope and perseverance
Uncertainty and distance
The power of memories and connection

The lyrics of Alag Aasmaan paint a poignant picture of a couple separated by distance. The phrase “alag aasmaan” itself translates to “different skies,” reflecting the physical separation they face. The song talks about stolen moments, the pain of goodbyes, and the constant yearning to be together again. Yet, amidst the sadness, there is a thread of hope and a belief in the strength of their connection.


The melody of Alag Aasmaan is melancholic and yearning, with a touch of optimism. The acoustic guitar and piano create a stripped-down and intimate atmosphere, perfectly complementing the vulnerability in the lyrics. Anuv Jain’s vocals are soulful and expressive, adding depth and emotion to the song.


Alag Aasmaan has become a popular song among fans of Anuv Jain and Hindi pop music in general. It has garnered millions of views on YouTube and has been featured on various music streaming platforms. The song resonates with many listeners who have experienced the challenges of long-distance relationships and the bittersweet emotions of separation.

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