Baarishein Hindi Sargam Notes | Anuv Jain

Baarishein Sargam Notes

Notes :- 

Holay se dheeme se

सा–म—ग— सा–म—ग–रे–ग–

Mujh ko baahon mai bhar lo na tum

ग–प–प–म–ग–रे–सा–रे– ग–रे-ग–म-ग-रे—

Narm si sanson mai

सा–म—ग— सा–म—ग–रे–ग–

Mujh ko aahon mai bhar lo na tum

ग–प–प–म–ग–रे–सा–रे– ग–रे-ग–म-ग-रे—

Sun zara mere paas aa


Ab bethe hain hum bhi yahan


Dil ke darmiyan


Baarishein hain barishein hain


Teri hi baaton pe maine saja li hai duniya yahan

ग-रे–ग– ग–रे–ग–म–ग–प़–प–म-ग– सा–ऩि-ध़-सा-ऩि–

Dil ke darmiyan


Baarishein hain baarishein


Ab tu aati hai bulati hai


Bistar se youn girati hai


Ke soun mai baahon mai bus teri

ग–ग-म–म– ग–म–ग–म–ग–रे-ग–म-ग-रे—

Jab baarishein barasti hain


Pagal jaise thirakti hain


Tum jaisi ho bus wesi hi raho

ध–ध-प–प– सा–सा-प़–ग—म-ग–रे—

Ab tere bina yahan meri saansein


Jaise bina nindiya ki raatein hai toh


Aur tu hi mere dil ki raza hai


Tere bina dil bhi khafa hai toh


Teri aankhon ka kajal


Na phaile ab kabhi bhi


Tujhe itna pyar doon haan


Teri khushiyon ki khaatir


Yeh duniya main meri


Ek pal mein vaar doon main


Ab bikhari teri yeh zulfon se


Aankhein teri jab dikhti hain


Dikhta hai mujhe woh aasmaan

ग–म–म—ग–म–म– म–ग–रे-ग–म-ग-रे—

Ki kholun pankh main mere


Udd jaaun main kho jaaun main

रे–म–ग-ग– प–प-सां–नि–

Iss aasmaan mein patangon ki tarah

ध–ध–प-प–सा– सा-सा–सा-रे-रे–ग–ग–

Haan haan haa


About Song :-

“Baarishein” is a Hindi song sung by Indian singer Anuv Jain. The song gained popularity for its melodious composition and heartfelt lyrics. Here is some text information about the song:

Singer: “Baarishein” is performed by Anuv Jain, a talented and emerging artist in the Indian music scene. Anuv Jain is known for his soulful and acoustic style of singing.

Music and Lyrics: The music and lyrics for “Baarishein” are both composed by Anuv Jain himself. The song showcases his skills as a singer-songwriter, with a focus on meaningful lyrics and a soothing melody.

Release: “Baarishein” was released in 2018 and quickly gained attention for its emotional depth and Anuv Jain’s evocative vocals. The song resonated with listeners for its poetic lyrics and heartfelt storytelling.

Significance: “Baarishein” is a poignant song that conveys the emotions of longing, nostalgia, and lost love. The song’s simplicity and Anuv Jain’s emotive rendition make it relatable to anyone who has experienced the pain of separation or unfulfilled love.

Independent Music: Anuv Jain is known for creating independent music, and “Baarishein” is an example of how talented independent artists can find success and reach a wide audience through platforms like YouTube and streaming services.

Legacy: “Baarishein” has found a dedicated audience among music enthusiasts who appreciate soulful and meaningful songs. Anuv Jain’s heartfelt and honest approach to his music has garnered him a fan base, and the song remains a significant part of his discography.

“Baarishein” by Anuv Jain is a touching and heartfelt song that has left a mark in the independent music scene in India. It showcases the power of music to connect with listeners on an emotional level and has resonated with many who have experienced the emotions the song portrays.

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