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O Sanam Sargam Notes



रे—मे- मे–मे–प–ग–मे–प—


Shaam saweere teeri yaadein aati hain


Aakee dil koo meere yun tadpaati hain


Oo Sanam mohabbat kii kasam….

म—सा-रे-रे– प़–म–म–सा–रे-सा-ऩि–सा-ऩि-ध़–ऩि–सा—



रे—मे- मे–मे–प–ग–मे–प—


Milkee bichhad naa to dastoor hoo gayaa


Yadoon mein teeri majboor hoo gayaa


O Sanam teeri yadoon kii kasam

म—सा-रे-रे– प़-प़-म–म–सा–रे-सा-ऩि–सा-ऩि-ध़–ऩि–सा—



रे—मे- मे–मे–प–ग–मे–प—


Samjhee zamaana kee dil hai khilonaa


Jaana hai ab kyaa hai dil kaa laganaa

ध़—सा—सा–सा– म–ग–रे—रे—सा–रे–सा–ग–रे–

Nazron see ab naa humkoo girana

ध़—ध़—प़–ध़– म—रे—रे—सा–रे–सा–ग–रे–

Mar bhi gayee to bhul naa jaana

ध़—सा—सा–सा– ध–प–प—प—ग-प-प–ग-रे-सा–

Aankhon main basi ho par door hoo kahin

ग–ग–ग–रे–रे–रे– सा–म—सा–रे–रे—

Dil kee kareeb ho yee mujhko hain yakin


O Sanam teree pyaar kii kasam


About Song :-

“O Sanam” is a popular Hindi song by Lucky Ali, released in the 1990s. The song gained immense popularity and contributed to Lucky Ali’s success as a singer and musician. Here are some key details about the song:

Title: O Sanam
Singer: Lucky Ali
Album: Sunoh (1996)
Music Composer: Lucky Ali
Lyricist: Syed Aslam Noor
Genre: Pop, Indi-pop

Notable Features:

Album: “O Sanam” is part of Lucky Ali’s debut album titled “Sunoh,” which was released in 1996. The album received widespread acclaim for its fresh sound and soulful melodies.

Singer and Composer: Lucky Ali, known for his distinctive voice, not only lent his vocals to the song but also composed it. The combination of his evocative singing and composition contributed to the song’s success.

Lyrics: The lyrics for “O Sanam” were penned by Syed Aslam Noor. The song’s lyrics express feelings of love and longing, and Lucky Ali’s soulful rendition adds a heartfelt touch.

Popularity: “O Sanam” became an anthem of the 1990s Indi-pop music era and is considered one of the most iconic songs of that time. It resonated with audiences for its emotional depth and Lucky Ali’s unique style.

The song remains popular even years after its release and continues to be cherished by fans of Indian pop music. “O Sanam” played a significant role in establishing Lucky Ali as a prominent figure in the Indian music scene.

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