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Hosanna Sargam Notes

Dil hote jo mere seene mein do

प—-मे–ध—प— ग–मे–प—-सा–सा–रे–ग–मे—

Doosra dil bhi main tumhe deta todne ko

प—-मे–ध–नि–ध–प— ध़–ऩि–सा—ऩि–ध़—प़–प़—

Hoo oo ooo… hosanna… hosanna… hoo hoo hoo

रे–ग–सा—- ध़–प़–ध़—सा— ध़–प़–ध़—सा— म–म–प़—

Hoo oo ooo… hosanna… hosanna… hoo hoo hoo

रे–ग–सा—- ध़–प़–ध़—सा— ध़–प़–ध़—सा— रे–सा—ऩि–ध़–प़—

Dilkash thi woh shaam pehle pehal


Jab ke tumse mili thi nazar


Aisa chakraya ki ab ye na jaanu


Ke jaaun tto jaaun kidhar


Hosanna tum samne thi pal

ग–प–सा– रे–रे–सा–रे–रे–सा–ग–

Hosanna agle hi pal thi ojhal

ग–प–सा– रे–रे–सा–ग–रे–सा–सा–

Ab kya bataaun main kis haal mein hu main

ग-ग-ग-ग-सा-सा– ग-ग-ग-ग-सा-सा–

Yahaan wahaan bas apna dil aur hosh dhoodta hu main


Hosanna… madhoshi deewanagi

सा—रे–ग–ग– सा–रे–ग–ग–रे–म–ग–

Hosanna… main aur teri bandagi

सा—रे–ग–ग– सा–रे–ग–म–रे–रे–रे–

Hosanna… ab hai yehi zindagi

सा—रे–ग–ग– सा–रे–ग–ग–रे–म–ग–



About Song :-

“Hosanna” is a Hindi song from the Bollywood film “Ekk Deewana Tha,” released in 2012. Here are the details about the song:

Song Title: Hosanna

Film: Ekk Deewana Tha (2012)

Music: A.R. Rahman

Lyrics: Javed Akhtar

Singers: Leon D’Souza, Suzanne D’Mello

Brief Description:
“Hosanna” is a romantic song featured in the soundtrack of “Ekk Deewana Tha,” a romantic drama directed by Gautham Menon. The film is a Hindi remake of Gautham Menon’s own Tamil film “Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa.” The music for both the Tamil and Hindi versions was composed by the renowned A.R. Rahman, with Javed Akhtar providing the Hindi lyrics.

The song “Hosanna” is known for its soulful and melodious composition. It expresses the feelings of love and admiration, and the lyrics, coupled with the music, create a romantic and emotional atmosphere. Leon D’Souza and Suzanne D’Mello lent their voices to the song, and their performances added to the overall appeal.

“Hosanna” gained popularity for its beautiful music, heartfelt lyrics, and the enchanting vocals of the singers. A.R. Rahman’s musical prowess and the chemistry between the lead actors in the film contributed to the success of the song. The track became a favorite among music lovers and is often remembered as one of the highlights of the film’s soundtrack.

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