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Yeh Fitoor Mera Sargam Notes

Zindagi nee ki hain kaisi saazisheein

सा—सा–ऩि–रे– सा—सा–ऩि–रे– ध़—ध़–ध़—

Poori huii dil ki woh farmaisheein

सा—सा–ऩि–रे– सा—सा–ऩि–रे–प़–ध़—ध़–ध़—

Maangi dua ekk tujh tak jaa pahunchii

ध़–ध़–ग–रे–सा– ध़–ध़–ग–रे–सा–

Parvardigaraa parvardigaraa

रे–रे—रे-प़–ध़— रे–रे—रे-प़–ध़—

Kaisi suni tunee meeri khamoshi

ध़–ध़–ग–रे–सा–सा– ध़–ध़–ग–रे–सा–

Oo parvardigaraa


Yee fitoor meraa laaya mujhko hain teree kareeb

ग–प–ध—प–ग–रे–रे– सा–रे–प–ग—ग-रे–सा—प़-ध़—

Yeh fitoor meraa rehmat terii

ग–प–ध—प–ग–रे–रे– सा–रे–प–ग—

Yee fitoor meraa mainee badla ree meraa naseeb

ग–प–ध—प–ग–रे–रे– सा–रे–प–ग—ग-रे–सा—प़-ध़—

Yee fitoor meraa chaahat terii

ग–प–ध–प-ध—प–ग–रे–रे– सा–रे–प–ग—

Oo parvardigaraa parvardigaraa

रे—रे–रे—रे-प़–ध़— रे–रे—रे-प़–ध़—

About Song :-

“Yeh Fitoor Mera” is a Hindi song from the Bollywood film “Fitoor,” released in 2016. Here are the details for the song:

Song Title: Yeh Fitoor Mera

Film: Fitoor (2016)

Music: Amit Trivedi

Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire

Singer: Arijit Singh

Brief Description:
“Yeh Fitoor Mera” is a romantic song from the movie “Fitoor,” directed by Abhishek Kapoor. The film is an adaptation of Charles Dickens’s novel “Great Expectations” and stars Aditya Roy Kapur, Katrina Kaif, and Tabu in lead roles. The music for the film was composed by Amit Trivedi, and the lyrics were written by Swanand Kirkire.

The song is known for its soulful and melodious composition by Amit Trivedi. Arijit Singh, a popular playback singer, lent his vocals to “Yeh Fitoor Mera,” adding emotional depth to the romantic ballad. The song captures the passion and intensity of love, fitting the overall theme of the film.

Note: The information provided here is based on my knowledge as of January 2022, and there may have been further developments or releases since then. “Yeh Fitoor Mera” remains one of the notable songs from the “Fitoor” soundtrack, appreciated for its musical arrangement and Arijit Singh’s rendition.

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